Notice and Agenda

Bovina ISD Board of Trustees

Special Meeting

Monday, September 17, 2012

6:00 PM Administration Office


Date: September 17, 2012

Place: Administration Office

Call to Order 6:00


Open to the Public


The subjects to be discussed or considered, or upon which any formal action may be taken, are as follows:

(Items do not have to be taken in the same order as shown on the meeting notice.)


A.      Presentation by John Bass, Executive Director for Region 16 on Process of Superintendent Search

a.        Process recommendations

b.       Expectations of board

c.        Involvement of sitting superintendent

d.       Timelines

e.        Other

B.       Discuss Process to use for Superintendent Search

          Decide process to be used

          Set timeline to follow



C.       Consideration and Appropriate Action Regarding Personnel actions (employment/Re-Assignments/Retirements/Resignations) (Executive Session if needed)


D.      Consider Underwood law Firm for general bond counsel


E.       Report From Superintendent

         Special Maintenance/construction projects (RE-Roof)

         Update on New Gym Process

         Good News District Level

         Board Pictures

         Considerer Underwood law Firm for general bond counsel

         Update on Calendar events

         Continuing Education opportunities for Board Members (October 24th)

         313 Agreement News

         Set Date for next Regular Board Meeting (October 8th)


F.       Adjournment



If, during the course of the meeting covered by this Notice, the Board of Trustees should determine that a closed or executive meeting or session of the Board of Trustees is required, then such closed or executive meeting or session as authorized by the Texas Open Meetings

Act, Texas government Code Section 551.001 et seq., will be held by the School Board at the date, hour, and place given in this Notice or

as soon after the commencement of the meeting covered by this notice as the School Board may conveniently meet in such closed or executive meeting or session concerning any and all purpose permitted by the Act, including, but not limited to the following sections and purposes: Texas Government Code Section: 551.071 through 551.084.If business is not completed at the conclusion of the meeting, the Board reserves the option to recess and reconvene at a later date and time.


This notice is posted in compliance with the Texas Open Meetings Act at

11:00 a.m., September 11, 2012 by ________________________________.