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Bovina Independent School District

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Public Information Request Instructions

Public Information Request Instructions


The Texas Public Information Act (Texas Government Code, Chapter 552) gives
members of the public the right to access government records, including records of
Bovina ISD.
By submitting a Public Information Request to Bovina ISD, you will be able to access
information maintained by Bovina ISD that is not confidential or otherwise excepted
from disclosure by law.


1. • First and Last Name - Enter your name as you want it to appear on Bovina ISD’s
correspondence to you.
2. • Name of Company - If you are making the public information request on behalf
of a company, enter the name of the company.
3. • Description of Information Requested - Please include sufficient description and
detail to enable Bovina ISD to accurately identify and locate the information you
are seeking.
4. • E-mail Address, Telephone, Fax, Mailing Address, City, State, and Zip - You
must provide Bovina ISD at least one method by which you can be contacted.
Please provide your e-mail address, as this is usually the most convenient method
by which Bovina ISD can communicate with you regarding your request and, in
many cases, send you the responsive information. The telephone number should
be the number at which you would most prefer to be reached in connection with
the request. The fax number (if applicable) and mailing address should be where
Bovina ISD can send documents to you relating to the request.
5. • Preference (if any) for Delivery of Public Information - If you do not indicate a
preference, Bovina ISD will send copies to you by the most cost-effective
method. If you want to inspect documents but not receive copies, state “On-Site
Inspection in the request.” If you want to receive the information by a method not
listed (e.g., picking up documents in person), state this in the request. Mailed
documents are sent by first class mail, unless you request otherwise, (e.g., FedEx),
in which case you must provide your own account number for payment.
6. • Signature of Requestor and Date (mm/dd/yy) - You must sign and date the

Send or E-Mail all requests to:
Bovina ISD
PO Box 70
Bovina Texas 79009

Any costs incurred concerning your request must be paid before the information
request is completed.

For further inquiries contact Bovina ISD at:
Phone: 806-251-1336
Fax: 806-251-1578