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Parent Portal

Internet Access to Grades and Attendance

By Stan Miller

The Parent Portal is active now, and can be accessed from the school website.
The Parent Portal is a tool you as parents can use to access your child’s grades and attendance.
The administration and teachers at Bovina ISD encourage you as parents to use the Parent Portal to monitor your child’s progress, homework assignments, and attendance.
By using this resource, parents and teachers can work together to ensure that your children obtain the best education possible.
The administration and staff at Bovina ISD strive to provide the best learning environment possible for all students, and with your help, through the use of the Parent Portal, you too can be actively involved in you child’s education.
We hope that through the use of this tool we can keep you better informed of the progress that your children are making.
If you have not registered to use the Parent Portal, we have supplied an instruction guide located below.
If you need assistance setting up your account, please contact your child’s campus office for assistance.
Elementary Campus ext. 224
Middle School Campus ext. 225
High School Campus ext. 223

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